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work.FILES User Manual

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Dateien hochladen
Zuordnung Feindaten
Bilder aufrufen
Dateien öffentlich
Schlagworte verwenden
Erweiterte Suchfunktion
Dateien herunterladen und versenden
Benutzer anlegen
Benutzer ändern
Benutzern Dateien zuweisen
FTP Upload

Frequently asked questions


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What formats can be uploaded in work.FILES?

By now, almost all formats can be used in work.FILES. Including: jpeg, gif, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, zip, rar, pdf, flv, mp4, fl4, mov, wmv, mp3. As from update 1.3 almost any high-resolution data document can be assigned to the layout data formats jpeg, gif and png, with a couple of exceptions (for security reasons): exe sh php php5 cgi php4 pl. For the best presentation on the screen, the layout data should be stored as RGB. High-resolution data for printing should ideally be stored as CMYK.

Are there any file size limitation during uploading?

No limitations have been defined. Uploading was tested successfully for layout files with a file size of up to 100MB.

Are there any limitations to uploads regarding file dimensions?

The dimensions used to generate the preview image must not exceed a length of 2.500 pixels. This depends on the customer’s hosting package. This limitation may be removed in a premium edition. Please contact our Support for this.

Is it possible to send flies directly from work.FILES?

Yes, this is very easy. Multiple files can be combined in work.FILES. From update 1.3, the recipient will receive a download link on a download page, from where the files can be downloaded. On this page, work.FILES customers have the option to integrate a marketing banner.

Where is the image database installed?

We will install the image database on your server. A simple web hosting package is sufficient for successful installation of work.FILES at your site. Please see our System Requirements for further information.

Can I also create users myself?

Yes, with the “User Management” module you can create users and assign rights to them.

Can individual users upload files to the system themselves?

Yes, the user can upload files to a defined folder. The user with the Administrator role will receive a message that a user has uploaded new files.

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